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3 Nations Logging

3 Nations Logging originates back to 2010 as one of the exclusive contractors of Resolute Forest Products in Iroquois Falls, Ontario. The company initially assumed overall responsibility of the workforce under the guidance of the Resolute Forest Products and oversaw the harvesting of some 250,000m3 of wood for the newsprint mill.

In 2015, as part of the permanent closure of the newsprint mill in Iroquois Falls, Ontario, 3 Nations Logging acquired one half of the harvesting shares from Resolute Forest Products on the Abitibi River Forest making it the second largest harvesting shareholder on the forest. It manages its own forestry license and operates primarily with its own fleet of harvesting equipment and continues to harvest in excess of 220,000m3 of tree length wood annually for area mills.

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3 Nations Logging Partnership
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